M2I Dataset

Keywords: Action recognition, Multi-modal, Multi-view, Interaction

Data Description:

Multi-modal & Multi-view & Interactive (M2I) dataset provides person-person interaction actions and person-object interaction actions. It consists of 22 action categories and a total of 22 unique individuals. Each action is performed twice by 20 groups (two persons in a group). Meanwhile, all the RGB image, depth data, and skeleton data are preprocessed to remove noise. For evaluation, all samples were divided with respect to the groups into a training set (8 groups), a validation set (6 groups) and a test set (6 groups).

Representative Publications:

Xu, Ning; Liu, Anan; Nie, Weizhi; Wong, Yongkang; Li, Fuwu; Su, Yuting;“Multi-modal & Multi-view & Interactive Benchmark Dataset for Human Action Recognition”Proceedings of the 23rd Annual ACM Conference on Multimedia Conference, 1195-1198 2015 ACM.

* You can download the Dataset is here.

Last Update: 07/09/2016