Media Security And Forensics

PI: Su Yu-Ting, Zhang Jing, and Zhang Cheng-Qian

Keywords: Information Hiding, Digital Watermarking, Temper Detection

Representative Publications:

1. Junyu Xu, Yuting Su, Xingang You, Detection of video transcoding for digital forensics, Audio, Language and Image Processing, pp.160-164, 2012.

2. Yuting Su, Chengqian Zhang, Chuntian Zhang. A video steganalytic algorithm against motion-vector-based steganography, Signal Processing, 2011.

3. Yuting Su, Jing Zhang, Yu Han, Jing Chen, Qingzhong Liu, Exposing digital video logo-removal forgery by inconsistency of blur, International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, November 2010, 24(7): 1027-1046.

Last Update: 07/09/2016