Multimedia Information and Retrieval

PI: Nie Wei-Zhi, Liu An-An, Su Yu-Ting

Keywords: Social Network, Topic Model, 3D Model Retrieval

Representative Publications:

1. Weizhi Nie, Anan Liu, Yuting Su, 3D Object Retrieval based on Sparse Coding in Weak Supervision, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 2015.

2. Weizhi Nie, Anan Liu, Yuting Su, “Geo-location Driven Image Tagging via Cross-domain Learning,” Multimedia Systems, 2014.

3. Weizhi Nie, Anan Liu, Yuting Su, “Quality models for venue recommendation in location-based social network,” Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2014.

4. Yuting Su, Haiyi Wang, Peiguang Jing*, and Chuanzhong Xu. A Spatial-Temporal Iterative Tensor Decomposition Technique for Gesture Recognition. Multimedia tools and application,

Last Update: 07/09/2016